Same Pay. More Power.

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Introducing the most trusted financial wellness benefit since the 401K. Here's why it's so different:

Imagine if your employees could do more with their existing paycheck.

It’s easier than you think.

Provides employees controlled access to earned wages before payday

Improves employee financial management and decreases financial distractions at work

Offers employees an easy, intuitive tool to manage cash-flow today and into the future

Reduces likelihood of employees resorting to short-term lending products or taking on high overdraft fees

WageGoal is good for employees and good for business

Neighborhood Trust and FlexWage created WageGoal to improve the financial health of hard-working employees and the businesses they serve.

In a recent MetLife study, 78% of employers reported that employees are less productive while worried about personal financial problems. Financial stress at work impacts your bottom line: resulting in higher absentee rates, decreased productivity and reduced engagement—all of which affect overall business performance.

Neighborhood Trust and FlexWage have worked with thousands of hard-working individuals to create secure and trusted financial programs with proven results. Our shared measure of success is unique—we succeed when we prove our impact on employee financial wellness and our impact to your business. To achieve this, WageGoal was designed with built-in accountability, support and controls.

How it works—and why it’s not a loan

WageGoal is not a loan—it’s your employees accessing their own, hard-earned money when they need it. They can receive their earned wages in advance of payday, if needed, to avoid debt, pay bills on time, or cover unexpected expenses.

How it works for your business:

  • You deliver this benefit easily. It works seamlessly through your payroll process
  • You set the controls. Your employees can withdraw a reasonable percentage of their earned wages per pay cycle and you set the frequency with which they can access them
  • Payroll deductions continue to be processed on payday as usual

How it works for your employees:

  • Gives employees controlled access to their earned wages before their paycheck is delivered
  • Personalized financial forecasting is built right in—employees can use this safeguard to help manage cash-flow and avoid debt 
  • Employees pay a nominal $5 fee each time they access funds early, similar to an ATM fee

Set up a meeting with a WageGoal representative here

Your dedicated WageGoal representative will walk you through a simple set-up process

We will provide you promotional materials and employee campaigns to assure employees use WageGoal, as needed

Launch at no cost to you

For a limited time, you can launch WageGoal at your company at no cost. Sign up today while space is still available. 

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WageGoal was created by two companies dedicated to 

financial innovation and trusted guidance.

About Neighborhood Trust

Neighborhood Trust’s mission is to empower low-income individuals to become productive participants in the U.S. financial system and achieve their financial goals. For more than 13 years, Neighborhood Trust has integrated financial counseling, products, and supports into settings and programs that low-income people trust. We don't just counsel or educate—we help clients roll up their sleeves and take action. In 2013, Mayor Bloomberg and the Center for Economic Opportunity named Neighborhood Trust one of New York City's most innovative and data-driven nonprofits in the fight against poverty. For more information, visit us at neighborhoodtrust.org.

About FlexWage Solutions

FlexWage Solutions LLC provides a disruptive financial empowerment solution to employers and employees through its patented WageBank. WageBank offers the industry's only sustainable solution that provides employees responsible access to earned wages prior to their scheduled payday. FlexWage helps improve quality of life and employee productivity while minimizing expense and emotional impact by eliminating the need for bank overdraft and predatory lending. FlexWage is an Integrated Partner with ADP Marketplace, providing effortless implementation for ADP clients. For more information on FlexWage Solutions, please visit www.wagebank.com, find us at Facebook.com/flexwage, or follow us on Twitter @flexwage.

Meet the Team

Frank Dombroski

CEO, FlexWage Solutions

Justine Zinkin

CEO, Neighborhood Trust

Eric Cantor

VP Product Development

Neighborhood Trust